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Bring on Winter - Health Tips from Hospital Health and Wellness Calendar

Vanessa Masters, Prevention and Screening Services - January 30, 2019

You can’t hide from the snow, so you might as well embrace it! On average, Thunder Bay gets 36 cm of snow every January, making it a perfect month dedicated to ‘shredding the powder’. To avoid hibernating here are some tips for getting outside and making the best of winter:

  • Invest in proper outdoor gear! Having proper boots, jackets, mitts, hats and even snow pants go a long way to let you enjoy the snow. Don’t forget about neck tubes and scarves to make sure that your nose and mouth are covered!

  • Keep it short when cold weather hits. Spending hours outside is easy to achieve on a summer day, but be careful in the winter. Spend your time outside in short stints. Make sure you take some breaks indoors during or between activities to avoid getting too cold, especially when the temperatures drop below -20C. Frost bite is no joke!

  • Try a new winter activity. There are a number of ways to enjoy the outdoors within our city, such as borrowing snowshoes or asking a friend to take you ice fishing. There are also a number of outdoor skating rinks where you can lace up your skates and play hockey with a friend or have a skating day with your loved ones. Don’t forget about downhill skiing or snowboarding with two great local ski hills within driving distance. You never know what new activity you’ll enjoy!

Want to try a new activity? Cross-country skiing is a great way to enjoy many of Thunder Bay’s beautiful scenery while getting in a winter workout. Whether you are new to cross-country skiing or a seasoned vet, Kamview Nordic Centre offers $8.00 ski rentals and $8.00 ski passes every Friday after 5:00 pm!

January Staff Feature


Steph Needham (CV Data Specialist, Cardiovascular Care) loves winter! “There is nothing like an afternoon on the hill with a board strapped to your feet with crisp and cold air rushing around you as you race down the hill,” explained Needham. “I often find myself taking a break part way down a snowboard run to enjoy the beautiful world around me! After a refreshing, yet exhausting day on the slopes, there is no better family time than settling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and pumpkin muffins.”

*All content from this article can be found in our Hospital’s 2019 Health and Wellness Calendar. To date, the Calendar has featured over 300 staff members from all areas and disciplines of the Hospital, capturing the diverse ways they choose to stay healthy.

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