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Donor Testimonials

Why Patients Became Donors:

“Even ten years ago, my condition would likely have been considered terminal,” John said. “But today, I’m travelling, playing with the grandkids, and doing all the other things that I enjoy.” John continues to donate to the NCRF. He recognizes the value of ongoing research from direct experience, and appreciates having a high-quality research centre close to home.
-John Palko 

"I have seen first hand the difference donations make to patient care. I will continue to support the Health Sciences Foundation because I know it makes a difference in the lives of others through advanced healthcare in our region."
-Bob Stewart

The exceptional level of service he received and his ability to return home sooner, feeling better than before, prompted John Fevez to become involved in the Christmas appeal as a spokesperson and donor.  "We don't know how fortunate we are to have quick, immediate access to Angioplasty services until we need it."
-John Fevez

"I was so impressed with the level of care I received and I wanted to give something back to the caregivers who are so important to us in need."
-Ralf Aldrich

"Any one of us could, at any time, find ourselves in need of neurological services. I was able to receive treatment here at home when I needed it."
-Barry Third

"The ladies at the Lions Vision Care Centre are wonderful, caring, courteous and so efficient, and doctors like Chris Francis and Leland Dhurjon, I believe, are the best and I know there are many more like them.  They are dedicated and committed to the eye care of our ever-growing older population, but they must have the proper tools to work their magic and, as always, that takes money."
-Lloyd and Verna Gilbart

"We will all need healthcare eventually, even if we don't think so right now.  When I made my gift, I didn't know that I would soon be a patient.  If more people gave just as much as they could afford, we could ensure that quality care is available always, for everyone."
-Vi Corazza

"I'm alive today because of you."

"My appreciation is extended to each and every individual at the Health Sciences Centre. You are all important to us in need."
H. Ames

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OUR MISSION: To inspire the people of Northwestern Ontario to give generously to advance our healthcare at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

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