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Exceptional Cancer CareExceptional Cancer Care Campaign Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation


Patient and Family Stories

What is Exceptional Cancer Care?

To some, it's the high-tech tools we use to first detect and then blast cancer cells into oblivion. To others, it is the compassion they receive from our incredible cancer care team that makes facing this disease a little less scary. To the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters, friends and co-workers, it is the mircales that ensure our loved ones will be with us in this world a lot longer.

We believe that it is all of the above. Cancer is no longer the whispered word it was even 10 years ago. Today, more people are living with cancer than dying from it. Cancer is a journey that we all take, either personally or as we walk alongside a loved one.

Read about why these patients and families members asked for your support in developing Exceptional Cancer Care.



Joanne Berube
Cancer Survivor

"Local access, compassion, support, information, and hope because of the research going on in Thunder Bay. Research really makes a difference. As a survivor of this disease, it makes a difference to me." 



Bonnie Borsa
Cancer Survivor
Terrace Bay 

 “It’s the kindness. I mean, cancer treatments are getting better all the time, but at that particular moment you are diagnosed, the doctors can only do so much to treat your cancer, really. Being kind to you, caring about how you are feeling and what you are going through... that makes all the difference.”



Shawn Christie
2nd time Cancer Patient 
Thunder Bay

 “I called around to some other cancer centres – I had to, to make sure I had the best chance to survive. And you know what they told me? The care here is as good as anywhere in the world. You can’t believe the peace of mind that gives you.”



Anthony Kadikoff
Husband of Former Cancer Patient
Fort Frances

"It’s the latest, best treatments that help provide positive results and increased quality of life. But it’s also about caring. Psychologically, the care and support you give really helps patients as much as the treatment itself. The Cancer Centre here is exceptionally good at that.”



Lesley Nuttall
Mother of a Cancer Patient

 “The empathy – everyone at the Cancer Centre is just so caring with all the patients. I was in when my son Tom had his bone marrow extraction, and the doctor and nurse were both so empathetic, encouraging him through the whole difficult procedure. That caring really makes a huge difference.”