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Patient testimonials

What patients say about the care they received at our Health Sciences Centre:

I am a thirty eight year old mother of three and I can honestly say that the last thing that I thought I had to worry about was a heart attack.  I am a healthy person who has exercised regularly and has always made an extra effort to eat healthy most of the time.  My blood pressure has always been low and my cholesterol is always within normal limits or better. 

My life changed on the evening of March 6th 2009 when I experienced chest pain while exercising on my Wii Fit at home.  After many tests, the cardiologist booked an emergency angiogram which showed a spontaneous dissection of my LAD coronary artery.  Thank goodness that our cath lab was there!   The cardiologist and staff were fabulous!  I cannot say enough about them.  (Dr. Henderson and unfortunately I cannot remember the nurses’ names.)  The best part, aside from the great care was the fact that I could stay in Thunder Bay for my procedure and if I required angioplasty, the cardiologist could perform it in Thunder Bay.  The procedure went very well and my postop care on 2C was phenomenal as well.  After discharge, I participated in the cardiac rehab program.  I can honestly say that, along with the medications I have been taking, it was the cardiac rehabilitation that helped the most in my recovery. 

Thank you to the contributors and the Foundation for funding the many pieces of equipment necessary to keep these programs running.  You made a huge difference in my life and I know that you have made a difference in the lives of many others.  I am hoping that there will be funding in the future to allow the cardiac rehab program to come back to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.  I know that the participants in the cardiac rehab program will appreciate it.  Thanks again, from my heart. 

Debra Everts

My family, as well as many friends, have certainly benefitted from the exceptional fund-raising efforts of the TBRHS Foundation.  If not for the Foundation providing support to programs such as Cardiology, the OR, Cancer Care, etc. my family and friends would not be receiving such terrific care here at home. 

Many of my family members, including my husband and my father have utilized Cardiology Services here at TBRHSC, and we are most appreciative of the fact that they were provided the best care possible, with the best equipment available to the cardiologists right here at home!  All because of the funding provided by the Foundation.

The OR also benefits from the fund-raising programs of the Foundation.  Again, I am most appreciative of this, as a close family member recently underwent maxillofacial surgery.  If not for the equipment available to the surgeons, some of which is provided by the Foundation, this type of surgery may not have been available so close to home.

Cancer touches so many people in our community.  Imagine if our family members or close friends had to travel to another community to receive cancer treatments.  Thanks to the Foundation, most people are able to receive their treatments right here at home.  With a very close friend recently completing cancer treatments, I am thankful that she was able to stay home (in Thunder Bay) and receive the best possible treatments available to her.

Thank you TBRHS Foundation for the incredible work you do in providing extra funds for the various departments and programs at the TBRHSC, and all the various equipment

Louann Bateman

In spring of 2009, my Grandmother, who is 80 years old and has had little to no health concerns to mention, we call her the energizer bunny, had a heart attack.  Our family would have been prepared had this happened to my Grandfather but talk about shaking the foundation when Grandma ended up in the Emergency Department. 

Having said that, we could not have asked for better, more comprehensive care thanks to the creation of the Cardiac Cath Lab and Angioplasty services and equipment.  This was perhaps the most integral part of my Grandmother’s care experience at TBRHSC. 

She was diagnosed in Emergency with having had a heart attack and within two days was scheduled for and received an angiogram.  The angiogram uncovered two blockages in her heart, at which point it was decided that angioplasty would be the most appropriate treatment option.  Both the angiogram and angioplasty were completed during the same procedure, in the same afternoon, all here at home.  The pleasant staff of the Cath Lab educated my Grandmother and our family on her procedures, as well as her plan for treatment afterwards.  She spent a number of days on the Cardiac floor recovering but was at home approximately a week or so after the incident.

Without the Cath Lab at TBRHSC, my Grandmother would have had fly to another facility and potentially go through multiple procedures, increased stress, and time away from home; not to mention the impact this would have had on the rest of the family.  The Health Sciences Foundation has made it possible to have these services available to the residents of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.  I am thankful that she was able to stay here and have the support of all of our family through this stressful experience.

Meghan Beach


I work on 2b as a RN and would like to share appreciation to the REGIONAL for the great care and compassion that  this hospital and staff give to family and friends from around the region, especially when they are uprooted from other hospitals, and shipped here for further tests and care. My family have come from rainy river and fort frances and have expressed warmth and sincere caring and understanding from all their caregivers that they meet. Communication was well received and follow-up explained.
some have come for radiation and ca treatment, broken hips, eye surgery, and most are older people with family who have to follow them and stay around in hotels and be in this establishment for many days until sent home.
I am very proud to call thunder bay  my home and also the regional a great place to work and be part of a great healing team.
keep up the good work.

Linda hammond


Since Charles Baumgartner was diagnosed with Leukemia, he has undergone chemotherapy four times for a total of 24 treatments – and all but three he received in his hometown of Sioux Lookout. “It’s been a real blessing,” he said. “The system is more efficient, it’s more comfortable, and it saves money. The care here has been as great as at larger hospitals.”


"I was overwhelmed by the team's competency and professionalism. Anyone facing angioplasty here should feel comfortable and conficent."
-Melvin Bushby

"From the moment I walked into Emergency, the staff were unbelievable. They're professionals all the way through."
-Bill Adduono

"I can't imagine what the experience would have been like without the constant encouragement, education and support from the staff at the Linda Buchan Centre.  The Team encouraged me to keep them informed of my progress throughout my experience.  They helped me through some tough decision-making.  They were there to listen to my questions and concerns, and directed me to the resources I needed to make decisions that were right for me."
-Debora Prokopich-Buzzi


"I stumbled into the Emergency Department that day, writhing in pain.  The nurses saw that I was having a heart attack.  Placed in a wheelchair, they rushed me to the Trauma Unit.  It happened so quickly.  Losing consciousness, little did I know that Dr. Tebbenham's quick decisions would save my life.  I am alive today because of the care of the physicians and staff of TBRHSC.  When I needed it the most, incredible care was there."
-Arthur John Jones


"I was looking after my mother and it was my son's birthday when the Doctor told me I had cancer.  I was scared.  Surgery was followed by chemo treatment and then radiation.  Thank goodness for the doctors and nurses and the wonderful care that was given to me, especially by Dr. Kathy Simpson.  It if wasn't for her care and support, I would not be here today."
-Mariam Kettering

"Three times a week I go for dialysis.  The physicians and nurses treat me as a special person.  They move me from my bed to the Renal Department and monitor my care.  Through it all, they comfort me.  I can't say enough about my team.  Dr. Mahler, thank you for your special care; you bring healing to me.  Dr. Boake, you tirelessly attend to stabilizing my condition.  I know that the quality of life that I enjoy is directly related to what you do for me.  When my family visits me, they always comment on the care I am receiving at this beautiful hospital.  I am blessed by this care and so is my family."
-Janet Cooper

"I was seven months pregnant with my second child when I found out that I was in some difficulty and that I had to leave Longlac and come to the Health Sciences Centre until the baby was born.  I work in a medical office, so was somewhat familiar with what was going on.  I want to commend my nurses and doctors.  They were fantastic, especially the 'resident' physician, Dr. Jacobson.  He looked after me through my whole journey.  As it turned out, my son was born healthy, and I did really well too.  I can't say enough about how nice it was to stay in the Maternal Child area.  When my husband left work to come and visit me, he always knew that his family was in good care."
-April Doar

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