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Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities

August 24, 2019


When you are a patient at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre, you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity in a safe and comfortable environment. Find out more about your role as a patient at

When you are a patient at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre, you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity in a safe and comfortable environment. Your health care team will work with you to personalize your care plan to help you move through the system in a coordinated way. Most patients and families welcome and understand policies that promote safety, quality, and infection control.

As a Patient you have the right to:

  1. Have your dignity honored by respecting your individuality, faith and cultural background.

  2. Privacy for your personal care needs within available resources.

  3. Information to help you and your partner in care to understand your medical condition.

  4. Participate in decisions about your case.

  5. Participate in your plan of caring, including:

    1. treatment(s) and test(s) with an explanation of their benefits / risks;

    2. other ways to treat your illness;

    3. discharge plans.

  6. Refuse any recommended treatment(s), and receive information about what could happen if you do refuse the treatment(s).

  7. Share your personal health information with identified individuals.

  8. Know the name, profession and duty of the inter-professional staff working with you.

  9. Tell us any concerns you have about your treatment and care.

  10. Have us partner with you to meet any special needs.

  11. Receive care in a safe environment.

Your Role as a Partner in Health Care is to:

  1. Give correct and complete information.

  2. Be active in your care, treatment, and discharge plans.

  3. Take part in planning for your transition to home or other facilities.

  4. Treat others with respect as you have the right to be treated.

  5. Take care of your personal belongings and valuables.

  6. Tell a staff member as soon as possible about any concerns, congratulations, compliments or change ideas.

  7. Respect hospital property and policy.

  8. Cancel or reschedule an appointment if you are unable to attend.

  9. Inform a staff member if you see a safety issue or have a safety concern.

Care Partner

The patient defines who their Care Partner(s) is as well as how they will be involved in care, care planning and decision making. The Care Partner may be a family member, friend or whomever else the patient determines. The Care Partner is important to the overall well being of the patient and is encouraged to involved and supportive. Together with the nurse and patient, the Care Partner will generally have more access to the patient than a visitor.

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