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Every ticket you buy in the Thunder Bay 50/50 funds vital medical equipment right here in Thunder Bay & NWO.

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When you buy Thunder Bay 50/50 tickets you're bringing even better healthcare to your loved ones in Thunder Bay and across Northwestern Ontario. All proceeds from the draw are used to purchase new medical equipment at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, which is used by patients across the region.

Below are just a few pieces of equipment purchased so far, with more exciting updates being made regularly!

BiPAP Ventilator

BiPAP Ventilator

ICU & Emergency Department

Seeing someone you love have difficulty breathing is extremely worrisome. The teams in the ICU and Emergency Department are ready to help. They'll use this BiPAP Ventilator to assist patients who suffer a sudden episode of conditions like congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

This machine uses positive pressure to push air into a patient's lungs, and will be used daily as front-line therapy to try to avoid having to put a tube down a patient's airway.

3 Specialized Beds


Because of you, the Intensive Care Unit will receive 3 new beds. These beds are designed to keep patients safer by meeting their evolving needs, and will offer safer care options for ICU staff.


Emergency Department

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, they need help ASAP. This Defibrillator can shock a person's heart, restoring their heartbeat and saving their life.

Dental X-Ray

Operating Room

The new dental x-ray will provide vital dental care to both paediatric and adult patients. The old x-ray requires chemical dips to process the x-ray film, while the new one will provide digital x-rays that can be directly loaded into a patient’s Electronic Medial Record. That means quicker, safer, more reliable dental x-rays!

Video Laryngoscope

Respiratory Services

This high tech intubation equipment allows our medical teams to see a patient’s windpipe through a video feed, making it easier for them to insert a breathing tube into the lungs when a patient is unable to breathe on their own.

Portable Cardiac & Oxygen Monitor

Emergency Department & Paediatrics

This new portable cardiac & oxygen can be used anywhere in the Hospital, and it links to the Hospital’s central monitoring system – meaning a patient can be monitored remotely, giving them more freedom to move around. Reports and records are even accessible right from the Nursing Station!

This device monitors a patient’s heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood. It will be used daily for patients in the Emergency Department and children in Paediatrics who require portable monitoring.


Compact Blanket Warmer

Cataract Room, O.R.

The vast majority of patients in the OR's cataract room are elderly, and can lose heat quickly. The compact blanket warmer will be situated near the cataract room, meaning the staff can make sure patients get nice, comfortable, warm blankets during their entire procedure. If you've ever used a heated blanket you'll know the difference this makes.
The blanket warmer will be available for more than 3,000 cataract patients per year, as well as patients in other nearby operating rooms!

Large Volume Infusion Pumps

Various Areas

Large volume infusion pumps (aka IV pumps) are used in nearly all areas of the Hospital to safely administer medication and/or fluids intravenously. Our current fleet of IV pumps is in need of replacement – that's 665 new pumps that are needed.

Thanks to our donors and 50/50 supporters, the fleet of IV pumps can be replaced with new ones! These newer pumps are easier to use, and offer many great safety features to provide safer care for patients.


Adjustable Surgical Table & LED Microscope

Labour & Delivery

A new adjustable operating room table will be used for the urgent surgical removal of newborn babies when there are concerns for their well being during birth.

The Labour & Delivery team uses microscopes as a diagnostic tool to confirm if the mother’s amniotic sac has ruptured (i.e. that her water broke). This helps to determine if they need to admit the mother in preparation for birth, or if she can safely return home and continue to monitor for signs of labour. The old microscope is in need of replacement, and thanks to you a new one is on the way!


$1M Towards Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Services Program

A full cardiovascular surgery program means that most patients will be able to have their cardiovascular surgeries without having to travel too far from home, and still receive the same level of care they would in a larger centre.

This will help fund a full cardiac program here in Thunder Bay, which includes cardiovascular surgery, in addition to the existing services we already have, like angioplasty and cardiology.


Bariatric Stretcher Chair


The Intensive Care Unit is home to a new Bariatric Stretcher Chair, thanks to people like you who’ve supported the Thunder Bay 50/50.There are risks to lifting and moving patients over 350 pounds – risks to the patient and staff. This specially designed chair minimizes risks to improve patient and staff safety. The heavy-duty chair has an infinite number of tilt and recline positions from fully sitting to a flat stretcher with powered positioning controls.

3T MRI Scanner

Diagnostic Imagining

Thanks to your support, a brand new 3T MRI machine is on its way to the Hospital!

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is becoming a standard diagnostic tool for cardiac, breast, and prostate imaging along with other uses including orthopaedics. This new 3T unit will replace and upgrade the Hospital's current 1.5T unit, and will provide sharper images of soft tissues in most situations. It's also faster, which means more patients can be scanned per day.




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