Your Impact

Every ticket you buy in the Thunder Bay 50/50 funds vital medical equipment right here in Thunder Bay & NWO.

When you buy Thunder Bay 50/50 tickets you're bringing even better healthcare to your loved ones in Thunder Bay and across Northwestern Ontario. All proceeds from the draw are used to purchase new medical equipment at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, which is used by patients across the region.

Below are just a few pieces of equipment purchased so far, with more exciting updates being made regularly!

BiPAP Ventilator

BiPAP Ventilator

ICU & Emergency Department

Seeing someone you love have difficulty breathing is extremely worrisome. The teams in the ICU and Emergency Department are ready to help. They'll use this BiPAP Ventilator to assist patients who suffer a sudden episode of conditions like congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

This machine uses positive pressure to push air into a patient's lungs, and will be used daily as front-line therapy to try to avoid having to put a tube down a patient's airway.

3 Specialized Beds


Because of you, the Intensive Care Unit will receive 3 new beds. These beds are designed to keep patients safer by meeting their evolving needs, and will offer safer care options for ICU staff.