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Donor Impact at the Foundation

 We celebrate every donation, every advancement, big or small. It all counts.

Here are some recent stories about what your donations are making possible.

“I Received World Class Cardiac Care in Thunder Bay” – Paul Carr's Story

“It was during one of my rides, that I initially noticed some pain my chest while going up a hill. Thinking it was just indigestion, I took a small break, and continued to finish my ride,” he said. “A few days later, I went back to do the exact same 50 km ride, and again, I got that same feeling at the exact same spot, but still thinking it wasn’t anything concerning, I finished the ride.”

Paul got checked right away and bloodwork determined he had had a heart attack. “I was very, very surprised, as was the doctor who indicated I had no risk factors for heart disease. I was fit, I didn’t smoke, and I ate well. I never thought it would be me!” “I can clearly remember thinking ‘I’ve got lots of life left to live and I still have kids in school’.”

The Thunder Bay 50/50 funds critical cardiac services here at our hospital, so people like Paul can get the healthcare they need close to home.

Why Samantha Frade Supports the Thunder Bay 50/50!

Samantha Frade knows firsthand how crucial it is to have access to exceptional cancer care close to home. During her cancer treatment at our Cancer Centre in January, she had full trust in her healthcare professionals!

"The Thunder Bay 50/50 feels like a fundraiser that anybody can win," Samantha said. "If you have some money in your expendable income and you can buy a ticket, whether it's only one ticket or a group of tickets, that's fantastic for our hospital."

The proceeds from both March and April's Thunder Bay 50/50 draws, totaling over $2 million, will directly support patient care in our Cancer Centre. This includes initiatives such as the Linda Buchan Centre for Breast Screening and Assessment, the Tbaytel Tamarack House, and replacing/maintaining essential equipment needed for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Northwestern Ontario.

“Words Matter” – Lisa Vescio Shares Her Breast Cancer Story

The words you use matter. That was one of Lisa Vescio’s key messages when she spoke at the Tbaytel Luncheon of Hope Thursday afternoon at the Victoria Inn and Conference Centre.

“Many people describe their journeys as a battle or a struggle,” Lisa said. “No, I couldn’t do that – that would put my body in a state of constant tension, ready for the battle. I wasn’t battling it. I was beating it. So I pushed it all to the end of my breast, and when my breast got cut off, so did all the bad stuff.”

The Thunder Bay 50/50 funds critical cancer care services here at our hospital, so people like Lisa can get the healthcare they need close to home.

New 3T MRI Provides Countless New Imaging Opportunities

Thanks to funding from the Thunder Bay 50/50 Draw, Diagnostic Imaging at our Hospital installed a new 3T MRI unit this summer; and the things it can do are amazing.

Sandra Willson, Manager Diagnostic Imaging, Molecular Imaging, MRI, Ultrasound and Clerical Services at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, said that this advanced technology will open up countless new imaging and treatment options. For the most part, clinicians will drive new innovations using the scanner.

The new unit was funded in part by the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation & Thunder Bay 50/50 Draw in September, 2022. That means everyone who bought a ticket in the past year has helped bring this remarkable equipment to patients in Northwestern Ontario.

This new Cyclotron is providing a reliable supply of isotopes for patient care at TBRHSC!

A cyclotron is a machine used to make short-lived radioactive isotopes that can be used for medical imaging to scan clinical oncology patients, as well as for research. These isotopes attach to an injectable sugar substance (radiotracers) and are used to detect the presence and location of cancer cells in the body. A PET (positron emission tomography) scan is used to help diagnose cancer in a way that is effective and safe for the patient.

TBRHSC has been using isotopes for diagnostic imaging since 2008 but prior to producing our own these isotopes were sourced from a vendor in Hamilton, Ontario. Using an out of region vendor often resulted in flight delays or cancellations due to weather or transportation factors, thereby creating a delay in patient care due to scans being canceled.

To read the full story and to learn more about our Hospital's Cyclotron, click here.