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To keep up to date with the Hospital's COVID-19 response please visit their website here.

The Donation Centre is open for phone calls.

Please note that the public is not permitted to enter the Hospital at this time, unless they need urgent care or are a designated patient care partner.

Our team is transitioning back to being on site, and as usual they are available to answer any questions via e-mail.

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Together, We're Healing Our Hearts At Home

Your donation to the
Our Hearts At Home Cardiovascular Campaign
will bring life- and limb-saving cardiovascular surgery to Northwestern Ontario.

Northwestern Ontario is a region where a large percentage of the population faces serious medical issues including high rates of cardiac disease, the highest rates of amputation in the province, along with high rates of diabetes and stroke.

Having local access to cardiovascular surgery services is critical to save both lives and limbs. Your support will keep families together before, during and after surgery.



Together, For Better Cardiovascular Care

It was with great excitement that The Paterson Foundation announced a $1 million donation to the Our Hearts At Home Cardiovascular Campaign. Alexander Paterson, on behalf of The Paterson Foundation said, “When we became aware of the cardiovascular surgery program being developed here in Northwestern Ontario, in partnership with the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, we knew this program would be life-changing for patients needing surgery and their families who want to be by their sides.”