Volunteering is the most rewarding experience!

Published Monday, April 24, 2023

Volunteering is the most rewarding experience!

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is proud to highlight Suzanne Gustafson, a volunteer with the Wayfinding program. Suzanne is an active person who has always enjoyed dealing with the public.  As a recent retiree from the City of Thunder Bay Lottery Licencing Department, Suzanne worked with over 130 charitable organizations and wanted to give back to her community through volunteering.

Suzanne started volunteering with the Hospital during the beginning of the pandemic and has since completed over 400 hours. Every week Suzanne provides support to patients and staff as a Wayfinding Volunteer. “I love getting my steps in and the opportunity to meet and connect with both staff and patients,” says Suzanne. This volunteer role gives her the opportunity to do what she loves when she’s not spending time with her grandkids.


Based at the Main Entrance, Wayfinding Volunteers have been helping to create a positive and welcoming first impression at this Hospital to all patients and Care Partners by:

  • greeting out-patients, visitors, and staff;
  • giving directions to out-patients or visitors, personally escorting them, if needed;
  • transporting out-patients or visitors by wheelchair, as required;
  • delivering items for patients to the Nursing Stations;
  • Locating, sanitizing, and returning wheelchairs to the main lobby.


Suzanne is one of the first people you see when you come through the main doors and always makes herself available to help out. We are so thankful to have someone as passionate and enthusiastic as her! 


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