Recognizing Our Volunteers: Betty Snow

April 10, 2019


One of volunteer Betty Snow’s roles is to create patient gown bundles, consisting of a gown, slippers and small towel, in the Ambulatory Care Department. These bundles allow Registered Nurses to quickly find these items and provide them to patients.

For over 15 years Betty has been giving her talent, time and energy to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre.

Betty has volunteered in a number of areas within the hospital over the years.  Her first experience with Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre was when it first opened in 2004. Betty had recently retired and she and her husband came for a tour of the new building - as she walked around and saw all the departments and intricacies of the structure she said to her husband, “I would love to volunteer here!” and that is exactly what she did.

Betty’s first volunteer role was with the Health Sciences Foundation.  She worked as an office volunteer helping with mail outs and other clerical duties. She later started volunteering with Seasons Gift Shop, operating the gift cart and providing in-patients with comforts from the shop, as well as volunteering in the shop as a sales assistant.  Betty’s positive attitude and great demeanor with people always made her a great asset to the Seasons team!

Currently Betty volunteers with two amazing programs and dedicates two days of the week to completing the entire task involved.  Twice a week she volunteers in Ambulatory Care creating patient gown bundles.  She makes sure to maintain a supply of at 75 at a time and rolls together a patient gown, slippers and small towel so when nurses need to supply patients with these items they are all ready to go and they do not need spend their time gathering each item separately. 

Betty also volunteers as a Patient Experience Partner on 3A.  This role includes many tasks including, but not limited to, restocking linen carts, blanket warmers, hallway cupboards and isolation carts.  These tasks are ones that really help the nursing and other clinical staff perform their duties as quickly and efficiently as possible. When supplies are not filled up they cause patients to have to wait, which then, in turn, affects their overall experience and service.

In her free time Betty is an avid gardener and loves to try and grow new things each year.  In the past she has grown a variety of plants, and this year she is going to try her hand at growing her own loofah sponges!

Volunteers like Betty can often fly under the radar because they are so humble and gracious about the time they take out of their own schedules to give back at the hospital.  We are so lucky to have Betty in our facility two days a week to help improve the patient and family experience.

Thank you Betty!

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