Thunder Bay 50/50: Your Impact

Published Monday, April 26, 2021

Thunder Bay 50/50: Your Impact

Thunder Bay 50/50: Your Impact

You've Helped Fund 3 ICU Beds!

The Hospital continues to get vital new equipment, thanks to your support of the Thunder Bay 50/50!

Because of you, the Intensive Care Unit will receive 3 new beds. These beds are designed to keep patients safer by meeting their evolving needs, and will offer safer care options for ICU staff.

Learn more from Chad Johnson, Manager of Critical Care Services by watching at:


Why do you support the Thunder Bay 50/50?

We asked why you support the Thunder Bay 50/50, and the response was incredible! Here's just one of many comments that hit home how important it is to support healthcare in Thunder Bay & Northwestern Ontario. We'll be sharing more in the future.

"The Hospital saved our son's life when he was 13 – he's 29 now. I lived in a hospital room with him for 34 days as we lived out of town. We received nothing but kindness and wonderful care while we were there. We feel a great deal of gratitude for this. So the Thunder Bay 50/50 is a perfect win/win situation to help out." – Jackie


Don’t forget!

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