Using the Hospital's Assisted Pick-Up and Drop-Off Lane


October 31, 2018

Did you know that Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has a designated lane at the front main entrance for assisted patient pick-up and drop-offs? Developed a few years ago in parternship with Patient Family Advisors (PFAs), the lane is meant to improve experiences for patient who require assistance getting into or out of our Hospital.

People can park in the Drop-Off lane for up to ten minutes. The following guidelines are in place to ensure patient and visitor safety:


  • Pull into the “Assisted Pick-Up/Drop-off Lane”;

  • Escort patient to benches at the main entrance (by the information desk) or to the appropriate waiting room;

  • Move vehicle to one of the visitor parking lots if a stay longer than 10 minutes is required.


  • If you need to meet a patient on a unit or in a clinical department, park vehicle in one of the visitor parking lots;

  • Bring the patient to benches at the main entrance;

  • Retrieve your vehicle and pull in to the “Assisted Pick-Up/Drop-Off Lane”;

Escort patient to vehicle.

Editor's Note: You can also use these lanes to quickly drop off donations at the Health Sciences Foundation, beside Robin's Donuts in the Hospital's lobby!

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