Chemo Kits Will Bring Comfort to Cancer Patients


Kim Francis is hoping to raise $12,000 to provide Chemo Kits to patients at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Cancer Centre. It’s estimated over 200 will be used annually.

By Lindsay Doran - August 22, 2018

Kim Francis’ cancer journey is an ongoing battle, but while undergoing the toughest part of the 5 months she spent in chemo, she brewed an idea that will benefit the patients who come after her.

Her idea: Provide Chemo Kits to people beginning chemotherapy.

The kits are filled with items that will comfort and soothe patients, but also hopefully brighten their day.


The Chemo Kits contain items that will comfort people undergoing chemotherapy. Future kits may contain different goodies, and a men's version is in the works for January!

“I had similar kits sent to me from friends and family, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated them,” Kim explained. “Chemotherapy has many side effects but little things like tissues for watery eyes and lip balm for dry lips were great to have on hand.”

Kim plans to fundraise online and through events to reach her $12,000 goal, which will provide 200 Chemo Kits – the estimated number of new chemotherapy patients the Cancer Centre treats every year.

“I’ve had a lot of support from my family, friends, even strangers… not only during chemo, but also when I’ve told them about the fundraiser. I want to pass this feeling of support along to those who undergo chemo after me. I would like them to know they are not alone and I hope they will find some comfort in  these kits.”

She’s even adding a personal touch. Every kit will come with a letter for the patient’s loved ones explaining what the patient may find helpful but not be comfortable asking for 'like a prepared meal, a ride to a doctor's appointment or help with a load of laundry.'

If fundraising goes well, the Chemo Kits will be available to patients starting in January. Kim hopes they will bring light to what can be a dark, confusing time. She knows from experience that the cancer journey can take its toll. “For me, diagnosis was a blur. Suddenly I was sitting in the Cancer Centre waiting room before my first chemo appointment. I was scared.”

Luckily for Kim, a friend was volunteering that day, and reassured her that, “It’s not going to be easy, but there will be positives.”

Kim’s Chemo Kit Fundraiser is definitely one of the positives.



Click here to donate to Kim's Chemo Kit Fundraiser!

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