Did You Know…


August 16, 2017

As an academic health sciences centre, our health care team and staff incorporate research and learning into their everyday patient and family centred care. For research and training purposes, your health records may be viewed by approved research staff and learners. As a result, you may be contacted by a research team member offering the opportunity to participate in a research study. Participation in research is your choice.

Clinical trials are scientific studies in which new treatments - drugs, diagnostic procedures, and other therapies or devices - are tested in patients to determine if they are safe and effective. Such trials help scientists answer a variety of questions about new therapies:

  • What diseases should they be used for?

  • What doses of new drugs are most effective?

  • Which patients can benefit the most from them?

Nearly all drugs in use today were tested and made available to patients through clinical trials.

There are a number of clinical trials that are available for patients to access. Ask your health care provider for more information.

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