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December 19, 2018

As an academic health sciences centre, our health care team and staff incorporate research and learning into their everyday patient and family centred care. Clinical trials in particular have a positive impact on patient care, and are an important part of any research program.

Clinical trials are research studies investigating new treatment methods, medications, medical devices, equipment, and/or medical conditions themselves to improve care for future patients. There are dozens of clinical trials underway at our Hospital.

Patients may be asked if they are interested in participating in clinical research when they are admitted. Alternatively, it may also be suggested to you by your primary care provider or specialist, or you may also actively search out a clinical trial on your own. No matter how you learn about these research studies, it’s important to note that you have the right to refuse participation in any clinical trial and you will not lose any of the benefits to which you would otherwise be entitled. Also, clinical trials have a screening process to ensure patients meet certain criteria or conditions, so you may not be accepted into a clinical trial in some cases. Common criteria for inclusion or exclusion include age, sex, type of medical condition, existence of other medical conditions, and current treatment plans.

Every clinical trial, whether it is developed here in Thunder Bay or is part of a larger national or international trial, is carefully reviewed by our Research Ethics Board to ensure that it is safe, offers potential benefit to patients, and is conducted in an ethical matter.

For more information, please visit www.tbrhsc.net or contact the Research Ethics Office directly at REO@tbh.net or (807) 684-6422.

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