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Leaving a Legacy

You can do something extraordinary for yourself, your family and your friends.  Best of all, 100% of your legacy gift stays in Northwestern Ontario.

There are many legacy giving opportunities.  The following descriptions of different types of gifts will help you determine which is best suited to your philanthropic goals, your financial circumstances and will provide you with the greatest tax benefit.  Please contact us for a confidential discussion about any of these options. 

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Planning Your Giving

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Types of Legacy Gifts

Gift by Will A bequest is a gift made through your Will. It is a simple provision in your Will to leave a gift to the Health Sciences Foundation, whether a specific amount or a percentage of your estate.

Endowment Funds You can establish an endowment fund or contribute to an existing fund. Endowed funds are permanently invested income and only the interest is used each year.

Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities If you're a Canadian paying capital gains taxes, you're probably well aware that you can now donate publicly listed securities to public charities without incurring any capital gains tax. For example, a gift of stocks that are worth $10,000 today that you previously acquired for $5,000 would provide you with about $4,500 of income tax savings*, and there would be no capital gains tax owed. This would make the cost of your $10,000 gift a mere $5,500, and would save you what could amount to thousands of dollars of capital gains tax.

* the example assumes you earn income in the top tax bracket in Ontario. To make a gift of Publicly Listed Securities, simply download and complete our Securities Transfer Form.  Forward the form to your broker/investment advisor who will handle the transfer and forward a copy to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation. Beneficiary Gift (Life Insurance / RRSP / RRIF) When you name the Health Sciences Foundation as the partial or full beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or RRSP / RRIF, this gift will pass outside of your estate protected from probate or creditors.

Life Insurance Through affordable premium payments you will provide a large legacy for tomorrow with a relatively small commitment today.

Charitable Gift Annuities If you currently receive income from GIC’s you may be interested in purchasing a charitable gift annuity. Your income is guaranteed for life, and is virtually tax-free.

Charitable Remainder Trusts This deferred gift provides an effective way to provide you with guaranteed income for life. The proceeds from arranging this gift now will be realized by the Health Sciences Foundation in the future.

Gifts of Property You can donate property such as real estate, works of art, jewelry, stamps and book collections. These gifts provide tax advantages and require independent appraisals to meet Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.


 Your Legacy Gifts Are Making a Difference


Group Makes Legacy Giving About Enhancing Community

Are you thinking of making a gift in your Will, but don’t know where to turn? Confused about how to proceed, but fearful of asking a charity? That’s where Legacy Giving Thunder Bay is available to help.

Legacy Giving Thunder Bay is a group comprised of members from five partner organizations – the Thunder Bay Community Foundation, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, St. Joseph’s Foundation, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation and Confederation College. Started in 2010, the group’s goal was to increase awareness of legacy giving in Thunder Bay. “When you think about it,” said Katrina O’Neill, Executive Director, St. Joseph’s Foundation, “each organization exists to better our community, so when we thought about legacy giving, it seemed only natural that we would pool our resources with each other to convey the message about the impact of legacy gifts.”

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Local Lung Research Benefits from Tony ‘Anthony’ Villeneuve Memorial Endowment Fund

 “When you lose somebody that died from it, you become much more sensitive to the disease, and you want to do something about it” said Jeff Villeneuve, referring to lung disease, and in particular, mesothelioma, that claimed his father (Tony)’s life.

‘Doing something’ doesn’t come close to the dedication the Villeneuve family has for awareness, treatment and research of lung disease.  They started the Tony ‘Anthony’ Villeneuve Memorial Endowment Fund in 2006, with funds coming from the Tony Villeneuve Memorial Auto Rally. Tony had been an active participant in the Auto Rally for many years and the Endowment Fund was set up to honour the memory of the well-known businessman, father and community member.

Thanks, in part, to this Fund, incredible research is happening in Thunder Bay related to improved imaging for lung diseases.

“I know my Dad would be happy to see how we’re raising awareness of mesothelioma and other lung diseases and that we’re taking steps to ensure others aren’t blindsided by it,” said Jeff. “He was always very interested in helping with healthcare and my family is proud to remember him in this way.”



Three Sisters Create a Community Legacy

When Eli and Sanna Lahti came to Fort William in 1902, they wouldn’t have suspected that their children, Aune, Aileen and Gertrude Lahti would make such a lasting impact on their new home community. The values they instilled in their daughters had a great impact on the young women, who, later in life, made a collective decision to support not only the community they loved, but the services that they valued.

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James R. Johnson Endowment Fund Honours Thunder Bay Advocate and Hockey Legend

Jim passed away of skin cancer in June 2008. Although he died much too young, he left Thunder Bay a lasting legacy in sports, economic development, and medical research, to name just a few areas. It’s because of his drive and his outside-the-box vision that the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation created the James R. Johnson Endowment Fund in his name to help students at the TBRRI pursue their education – and their passion.

“We are honoured and excited about the endowment fund that is named in honour of my Dad,” said Jim’s son Ryan. “It is so very fitting to what was important to him: research and students.”

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Gifter Keeps Giving

Growing up in the 1940s in Thunder Bay, Lee Hindes (nee Hyvonen) was always on the lookout for ways to make people happy. One time, for her parents’ anniversary, she decided flowers would be a nice gift for her Mom. Having heard that the flowers at Hillcrest Park belonged to ‘the city’, she took it upon herself to knock on then-Mayor Charlie Cox’s door and request permission to pick some from the park. His answer? “Yes!”

It was perhaps this creative and generous way of thought that prompted Lee to make a gift in her Will to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, which was subsequently directed by her Executor to the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign. It was Lee’s way of thanking the doctors, nurses and staff of the Cancer Centre and Unit 1A at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for their care and comfort.

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For further information about the Health Sciences Foundation’s Legacy Giving Program, please call 807 345 4673.  

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