Get to Know the Faces of Ethics at our Hospital – Meet Allison


April 7, 2018

Name: Allison Petrus

Job Title: Health Information Services Informatics Specialist

1. How is ethics relevant to you?

I feel that ethics is important in all aspects of my life and career. We are all here to provide the best possible service to patients and clients at all hospitals in the region. This includes ensuring that every decision made in my role providing user support leads to the best possible patient experience while incorporating ethical decision making.

2. What ethical issues come up in your area?

The Informatics department has greater access to clinical information than many other departments. This means we have to ensure an increased focus on privacy, confidentiality, and even security to protect the data of our patients and clients. In addition, we provide support in a 24/7 capacity meaning that issues/challenges are dealt with promptly while factoring in the core values and ethics of the organization.

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