Getting to Know Your Health Sciences Foundation Board of Directors: Dr. Stephen Adams


Dr. Stephen Adams

By Heather Vita - July 26, 2017

Dr. Adams vividly recalls the excitement and joy he felt upon completion of the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign back in April of 2015, when over $7M was raised for our local Cancer Centre. “I was so happy to see the level of community involvement and success we had in improving cancer diagnosis and treatment with equipment such as the Cyclotron and Linear Accelerators,” he says.

Being a Cabinet Member for the Exceptional Cancer Care Campaign was his introduction to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, and led to him becoming a member of the Board of Directors. Recently, Dr. Adams took on the role of Chair, Development as part of his Board responsibility. “When I joined the Board, I was interested in improving health care in our community,” he recalls. “In order for us to have the best healthcare, we all have to do our part. I very much admire my fellow Board members for their outstanding commitment to healthcare – they are all busy, accomplished people who are willing to take time to improve the lives of others in our community and region.”

A particular area of interest for Dr. Adams is the Intensive Care Unit and Neurology. In the past, his brother was in both automobile and industrial accidents and spent time in both these areas. Additionally, Dr. Adams’ father, who passed away in 2011, was treated for stroke, CHF and COPD. As he says, “I was able to witness firsthand the compassion and professionalism of our health care team.”

With a long history of providing health care himself as a local dentist for the past 25 years, Dr. Adams is excited about what lays on the horizon for Thunder Bay. “I am really looking forward to seeing the cardiac and vascular surgery program taken to the next level to provide access to the care our region deserves,” he enthuses.

When he’s not working, Dr. Adams is passionate about cross country and alpine skiing, sailing, paddle boarding, running, hiking and cycling. Amazingly, he’s been a part of the Senior Circuit, Master alpine ski racing for 25 years! He also loves to spend time at his camp on Lake Superior with his wife Maureen, and children Kate, Jack and Eric (when they’re around).

Dr. Adams has a genuine desire to help others and as part of the Board of Directors with the Health Sciences Foundation, he’s doing just that. He also follows in his mother Joan’s footsteps as she volunteered for years with the Hospital, providing a wonderful example that her son now follows.

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