Hand-Crafted Models Support Hospital Through Online Auction

Bruce Barber just retired, and he’s leaving the Hospital with something special to remember him by.


On his very last day before retirement, Bruce Barber couldn’t help but show off his incredible workmanship. He beamed with pride as he pointed out details on a model Hummer that took him over 70 hours to create. “The back comes off to reveal a storage compartment, and there’s even a dash board and a clutch. I loved making it.”

A familiar friendly face to many at the Hospital, Bruce’s eye for detail in the Print Shop carries over to his hobby of woodworking.

Now, he’s donated three of his pieces to be auctioned on eBay – with the winning bids supporting vital medical equipment at his workplace of nearly 38 years.

“I wanted to share my work with people, and to have it make a difference,” explained Barber. “I’m retiring out West, but Thunder Bay holds a big place in my heart. Donating my models, especially to the Hospital where I worked for many years, seemed like the natural thing to do.”

Thank you, Bruce, and Happy Retirement!

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These detailed hand-crafted models took Bruce over 150 hours to create out of oak, walnut, and blood wood. All three vehicles will be auctioned on eBay in support of vital medical equipment at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

To bid on the models visit www.healthsciencesfoundation.ca/ebay. They’ll be auctioned one at a time, starting with the Hummer. If the winning bid is from Thunder Bay, we’ll refund the shipping and offer pick-up at no extra cost.

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