How to talk to your family about organ donation


Submitted by Trillium Gift of Life Network - April 25, 2018

(NC) Once you have registered your consent to organ and tissue donation, the most important step is talking to your family about your wishes. You may find the topic of donation an uncomfortable one to think about, but when someone passes away suddenly, their family is often faced with a hard decision at an already difficult time.

The situation can be made a little easier if your family is aware of your wishes. Knowing that a loved one's final wishes were carried out, and helped save lives in the process, can be a great source of comfort. Here are some ideas on how to talk to your family about organ and tissue donation.

  1. Prepare for your conversation. Think about possible questions and seek answers.

  2. Talk about the subject where it feels comfortable and natural. Where does your family feel most comfortable discussing sensitive issues?

  3. Discuss your wish for organ and/or tissue donation with your loved ones and anyone else who may need to know.

  4. Who would be called to your bedside if you were about to die? These are the people who will be involved in the donation process.

  5. Talk to them about your decision to register and listen openly to their concerns.

  6. Explain why their support is important to you and to people who are waiting for a transplant.

You can find more information and register your consent to donate at 

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