Knee Scooter a Welcome Addition


Pictured are (l-r), Phil and Kristine Cameron, who donated a knee scooter to be used in the Surgical Day Care unit of the Hospital, along with Deb McCormack, Registered Nurse and Christine Erickson, Perioperative Manager.

By Heather Vita - July 12, 2017

After Kristine Cameron had her second foot surgery in seven years, she wanted to give back and help others who might need surgery themselves. In recovery from her first surgery, she made do with crutches and a walker, but after her second surgery, she was able to use a knee scooter which she says, “Made a huge difference!”

Kristine was so impressed by the independence the scooter gave her. “It meant I could get around so much easier without fiddling with crutches or needing a wheelchair,” she recalls. Knowing there would be many others who could benefit from this equipment, she and her husband Phil decided to fund a scooter for use in the Surgical Day Care unit of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Christine Erickson, Perioperative Manager, notes that the scooter is already getting lots of use in Surgical Day Care and has been very well received by patients and staff.

Kristine says, “I’m just so grateful for the care I received from Dr. Payandeh, the OR team, the recovery room team and all the staff in Day surgery. This was such an easy way for us to show our appreciation.”

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