Message from Jody Nesti

Chair, Board of Directors, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation


It’s been an absolute pleasure to share with you through these pages how your support of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation helps patients and family members every day. I wish I could take all our donors on a tour of our Hospital to show exactly what you’ve accomplished through your generosity over the last two years. Without you, we wouldn’t have the level of healthcare we have today including a new large bore CT scanner, an upgraded ventilator for the ICU, equipment for regional hospitals, research projects, and other healthcare initiatives totalling almost $5 million funded during that time.

Your continued support is so important. We live in an era when medical technology is changing quickly. Of course, inventing that technology is one thing, but being able to purchase it is quite another. I am so proud and thankful that we live in a region with progressive healthcare professionals who embrace new technology and visionary donors like you who help ensure we have the funding to back them. Kudos to us for ensuring we all have the best care possible!

Many of our donors reach us through Foundation events such as the upcoming Resolute Save a Heart Ball. Donors also reach us through other popular charity events in support of the Health Sciences Foundation including Festa Italiana, the Greek Supper Club, St. Patrick’s High School production of Footloose, and so many others. I think it’s a testament to the good work the Foundation does – good community support is vital for any foundation to thrive.

I’d like to thank my fellow board members for their support during my term as Chair. We all come to the Board of Directors with stories that inspires us to do the best we can. It’s been an honour to serve with you all. Thanks as well to Glenn Craig, President and CEO of the Health Sciences Foundation, and all the staff: Terri, Lori, Cindy, Athena, Devon, Elaine, Keri, Sara, Lindsay D., Heather, Lindsey W., and Deborah. Not only do you take our goals and turn them into successes on a regular basis, you make it so easy to serve here. I forever appreciate the professionalism and dedication each of you bring to this remarkable organization.

I would like to welcome Kyle Shaen, who will succeed me as the Health Sciences Foundation’s next Chair with the blessing of the Board. He will do a wonderful job, bringing a refreshing, young perspective. I can’t wait to see what ideas he will bring – I know they will be amazing.

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the generosity of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario and look forward to continuing to serve as the Past-Chair. Together, we are creating better and better healthcare programs every day.

Thank you!

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