New Pigg-O-Stat On Site for Infants Thanks To United Commercial Travelers


May 26, 2018


This adorable baby’s photo circulated the internet recently, showing exactly how the Pigg-O-Stat keeps infants and children still for their x-ray. We’re pretty sure a collective ‘awwww’ is being heard all over right now. 

It’s likely the funniest name you’ve ever heard for a piece of medical equipment but the Pigg-O-Stat has an important job. Used in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at the Hospital, it is an all-in-one paediatric immobilization device that holds infants still so appropriate x-rays can be taken without complications. Thanks to the United Commercial Travelers and proceeds from their recent 50/50 draw, this vital piece of medical equipment is now on site here at the Hospital! Pictured above are members of the United Commercial Travelers along with members of the Diagnostic Imaging Team at the Hospital, celebrating its arrival.

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