Praise for Pink Caps!


Devan and Lida Mascarin, from Downtown Volkswagen (on right) excitedly present the proceeds from the ‘Pink Caps for Cancer’ fundraiser, held throughout the month of October, to the Northern Cancer Fund, specifically for breast cancer.

November 21, 2018

Pleased as punch. Pretty terrific. Pumped up. All could be used to describe the absolutely incredible success of the month-long fundraiser held by Downtown Volkswagen in support of the Northern Cancer Fund, specifically for breast cancer.

We all see pink throughout October, but this year, Thunder Bay saw pink in a whole new light – as caps on tires everywhere. Thanks to Downtown Volkswagen, sets of pink caps were sold for $5, and added to cars, trucks, motorcycles and even bicycles!

Devan Mascarin, on behalf of the team at Downtown Volkswagen, said, “We are truly amazed at our community’s support of this initiative. The stories that were shared with us when people dropped by to get their pink caps were so inspirational and we are humbled to be able to give back to the Northern Cancer Fund to continue to support patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing that these funds stay in this community, was important to us, but even more meaningful for all those who supported this fundraiser.”

“We are overwhelmed by Downtown Volkswagen’s leadership with this fundraiser,” said Elaine Graydon, Manager, Special Events, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation. “The thought, the creativity, the outright passion they shared to make Pink Caps for Cancer a success was evident right from the start and we are so thankful they chose to make cancer care even better for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Altogether, $12,326 was presented to support exceptional cancer care here in Northwestern Ontario. “No one should have to leave home to get the best quality cancer care there is,” said Devan. “We’re making sure of that.”

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