Students Inspired to Hold Bake Sale

January 21, 2017

Two days before Christmas, Grade 3 students Teegan Gibbon and Lucas Miedema held a bake sale at Five Mile Public School and raised $500 which they gave to the Northern Cancer Fund.  Lucas’s mother, Lisa, explained, “They were really inspired by Alex Haapa-aho, when he grew his hair and then cut it for cancer this Fall, raising money for the Northern Cancer Fund in memory of his grandfathers. They wanted to do something similar and give back in the same way that Alex did.”

The duo came up with a plan and presented to their student council. Once approved, they, along with the support of their teacher, Mr. Crane, set up the sale for Dec 23. With appetizing goods prepared by their families, the sale was a resounding success!


Pictured above are Teegan Gibbon and Lucas Miedema, Grade 3 students at Five Mile Public School, accompanied by Andrew Petrick, Community Events Intern, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation. The duo raised $500 for the Northern Cancer Fund through a bake sale held at school.

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