Will Your Money Last?

Published September 19, 2018



To learn more about getting started on the road to financial freedom, join Legacy Giving Thunder Bay and guest speaker, Larry Lovis on Tuesday, October 2nd to learn how you can make your money last. This free seminar will be taking place at 7:00 pm on October 2nd in the Kensington Room at the Victoria Inn. To RSVP (by Sept 26) or learn more visit legacygivingthunderbay.com/speakerseries.

This is the quintessential question we should be asking ourselves when understanding our retirement goals and aspirations.

As time passes and we get older, legacy planning, beyond leaving everything to family, becomes important to many but often people feel it is unachievable. It is often said that there are only three potential beneficiaries of your estate; loved ones, taxation or charities, and you must pick two. Wouldn’t it be nice to fulfill all three without worry? Believe it or not, but it IS possible!


About Larry Lovis: Larry is an investment advisor with 30+ years’ experience to share with you from his new book, Mapping Your Retirement Road. It offers witty, easy to understand, and jargon-free insight into encouraging and empowering everyone to plan for their retirement goals.

First and foremost, people need to understand that their own retirement goals must be achieved first. Their life is the priority. Only through this solid foundation of financial independence can one start to think about leaving a legacy for loved ones, charities, or both.

Taking control of your financial life, now and for the future, is something each one of us has the ability to do.

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