Summer School of Medical Imaging gives future scientists an opportunity to sharpen their skills

Published Saturday, August 10, 2019

Summer School of Medical Imaging gives future scientists an opportunity to sharpen their skills

Now in its 9th year, the Summer School of Medical Imaging (SSMI) is multidisciplinary program designed to create the next generation of highly skilled professionals in the field of medical imaging — one of the most important tools for the future of medicine.


The Summer School of Medical Imaging (SSMI), jointly hosted by the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute and Lakehead University’s Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies, offers a unique research experience that showcases the graduate environment in Medical Imaging as a prospective career path for undergraduate students.

Within this program, Lakehead University and the Health Research Institute provide topical tutorials and a seminar series, and host an end-of-summer research project competition. The program runs from May to September.

“The Summer School of Medical Imaging is a great example of how the Health Research Institute partners with Lakehead University to train and retain our region’s youth,” said Dr. Alla Reznik, Canada Research Chair in Physics of Molecular Imaging, Senior Scientist at the Health Research Institute, and Summer School of Medical Imaging Co-Chair for 2019. “In the past, many students studying in Thunder Bay felt that they had to leave the city to pursue education and careers in science. Now, our youth are realizing they can have a top-quality education and career in the medical field — without leaving Northwestern Ontario.”

The roster for the 2019 edition of the SSMI includes 14 undergraduate students from Lakehead University, Ryerson University, and the University of Calgary. They’ll be working closely with scientists on research projects related to the medical imaging field, such as low-dose X-ray and Positron Emission Mammography imaging, novel tools in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and targeted cancer diagnostics.

The SSMI provides undergraduate students with a paid research position. Students work under the supervision of Lakehead University-Health Research Institute scientists to complete projects in their field of interest. These projects are related to the scientist's research theme and often make real contributions to advancements in medical imaging technologies. Students who are successful in obtaining summer employment work in their supervisor's lab and must attend the weekly Summer Student Seminar Series to gain exposure to a variety of research areas and topics in the field of Medical Imaging.

Social events such as barbeques, hiking and various sports activities are also organized as part of the summer schedule to encourage networking between students.

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Summer School of Medical Imaging: Class of 2019

Maxwell Yuan, Lakehead University

Craig Macsemchuk, Lakehead University

Anirudh Shahi, Lakehead University

Tristen Thibault, Lakehead University

Alejandro Ortigas, Lakehead University

Sarah Yeo, Lakehead University

Camryn Newman, Lakehead University

Malikah Haq, Lakehead University

Jonas Olsen, Lakehead University

Emily Hodgson, Lakehead University

Austin Hopkins,Lakehead University

Nicholas Randall, University of Calgary

Mihnea Constantin, Ryerson University

Yadunandan Sharma, Ryerson University


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