Heart Shaped Cookie Fundraiser at Bay Village

Thursday, February 1, 2024



Alan and Gary of Bay Village began their cookie fundraiser to honour their friend Patti Hobbs, on March 31st, 2023 they presented the cookie campaign proceeds to the Health Sciences Foundation. One month after that Alan was in the hospital with a heart attack, right beside the room they dedicated to Patti. He never thought he would be the one that would need this service, and yet they actually used equipment on him that was purchased with the funding. This year Dr. Bastiany (Interventional Cardiologist) will be spending time as a barista at Bay Village a few days during February to help fundraise. Their goal this year is $10,000 and they are already at a great start, as Sam from Burmet Northern Limited donated $1,000 and challenged other contractors to match or beat his donation. Make sure to stop in to Bay Village Coffee Shop during the month of February to support the Our Hearts at Home campaign!


When: The whole month of February
Location: Bay Village Coffee - 221 Bay St, open 7:00am to 2:00pm Monday to Friday
In Support of: Northern Cardiac Fund - Our Hearts at Home
Tickets: $7.00 each with a $3.50 going to the Our Hearts at Home Cardiovascular Campaign

For orders of 20 or more email info@bayvillagecoffee.com


For more info:

Call Bay Village Coffee: (807) 286-0278


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