Improve Healthcare this Christmas season

Published Thursday, December 16, 2021

Improve Healthcare this Christmas season

Improve Healthcare this Christmas season

The joys of the holiday season seem, somehow, brighter this year. With all we’ve been through, it’s easier to find gratitude for the simpler things, including spending time together.  And we want to do everything we can to help our patients be home with their families.  This is made possible through the generosity of our donors, who help fund any one of these critical pieces of equipment so our team can help patients go home.

Please consider a donation towards items on our wish list this year: 

Portable Mechanical Lifts -  $12,800 (each)
Moving around when you’re sick or have mobility issues is no joke, but it’s essential for patients to keep moving to avoid complications like blood clots. Mechanical lifts allow staff to move a patient safely – whether it’s to go to the washroom, or even to turn over in bed. Since they’re portable, they can be used for multiple patients, and often, only one caregiver is needed to operate them. Your donation will keep our patients on the move.

General Ultrasound Unit - $180,000
Ultrasound machines are one of the work horses of the Hospital and are used to see inside the body. They’re so in demand as a diagnostic tool that they’re available 7 days a week and 16 hours per day! However, with the vast demand for their services, they inevitably come to end of life. A new Ultrasound will ensure patients from around Northwestern Ontario have access to this vital diagnostic tool in a timely manner. Your donation will help us diagnose faster.

ICU Bariatric Stretcher Chair -  $12,199

Patients in the Intensive Care Unit require the highest level of care at the Hospital and are often extremely ill or have come in due to trauma. A new stretcher chair for patients weighing over 350 lbs will enable caregivers to keep heavier patients from being bedridden. Without proper equipment, patients are at the risk of bedsores and pneumonia. Your donation will keep critically-ill patients from becoming sicker.

Bili Blankets - $6,926 (each)

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and joy of welcoming a newborn into the world. Luckily for infants born at the Hospital, there’s some special equipment to give them a hand over their first few days if they need it. Bili blankets are used to provide phototherapy to infants who need to get rid of excess bilirubin (which is what causes jaundice). The blankets allow a parent or caregiver to hold the infant while they’re receiving this care – because there’s nothing like a warm hug when you’re new to the world. Your donation keeps infants cuddled up while receiving essential care.

Your donation is gratefully accepted at:

(807) 345-4673

Or by mail to 980 Oliver Rd, Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6V4 


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