Improve Healthcare this Christmas season

Published Thursday, December 17, 2020

Improve Healthcare this Christmas season

Having worked multiple shifts at the Hospital during the holidays, I can tell you, there's no more precious gift you can give someone than the chance to get better. Please donate generously this season.

- Dr. Zaki Ahmed, Chief of Staff

Last December we could have never imagined what 2020 would bring or how our lives would change. One thing that hasn't changed is our appreciation and gratitude for every donation that is made. Because of you we can help more patients get better this Christmas.

Please help us fund any one of these critical pieces of equipment.

Two Bipap Ventilators for ICU & Emergency Department - $28,610 (each)

Seeing someone you love have difficulty breathing is extremely worrisome. The teams in the ICU and Emergency Department are ready to help. They use a machine called a Bipap Ventilator to assist patients who are fighting for breath due to sudden episode of an underlying condition like congestive heart failure or COPD. These machines are used daily as front-line therapy to try to avoid having to put a tube down a patient’s airway. Your donation can, quite simply, allow a patient to breathe. 


Four Hemodialysis Treatment Chairs for Renal Department - $6,610 (each)

Hemodialysis patients spend a lot of time at the Hospital receiving treatment 3 – 4 times a week for hours at a time. Having a comfortable treatment chair is essential. New chairs have the ability to be adjusted electronically into multiple configurations by patients (helpful when you want to move around), plus they have backrests that support CPR and their upholstery is antimicrobial. Your donation can provide true comfort during life-saving treatment.


One Isolette for Labour & Delivery/Maternal Newborn Departments - $28,516

For infants who are born premature or who require the advanced care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, an isolette is a safe environment where they can grow and get stronger. The enclosed unit keeps the infant protected from infection, noise and excessive light and the inside environment is manually controlled to keep the infant at just the right temperature. Your donation can help infants in the very first days of their lives.


Your donation is gratefully accepted at:

(807) 345-4673

Or by mail to 980 Oliver Rd, Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6V4 
Attn: Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation



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