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Katherine Mayer, Prevention and Screening Services - February 23, 2019

For many of us, learning to say ‘no’ can be a difficult task. Not only do we want others to like and accept us, but we also want to show up for them, meet their expectations, and please them. However, making time for your own self care gives you the energy to care for those you love.


How to Set Boundaries and Learn to Say ‘No’:

  1. Before you give up your time to help others, consider spending the time you’ve freed up to do the things that most matter to you.

  2. Saying no can be done gracefully. Be grateful for the invitation, and thank people for asking.

  3. Keep it short! For example, “No thank you, I appreciate the offer but I have another commitment”. Sometimes this is better than a long-winded explanation.

  4. Turn FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out). Honour the commitments you make to yourself, as you are protecting what matters most.

  5. Be clear and try not to put off giving a response. Delaying can only harm yourself and others around you.

It is important to make mindfulness a priority in your day. Fortunately Hospital staff have the opportunity to attend ‘Namaste with Dave’, a relaxation and mindfulness class offered at our Hospital. Led by Dave Gladun (RPN, Purchasing), Mindfulness Facilitator, these lunchtime 30-minute classes incorporate guided meditation and gentle stretching. Classes have been offered to staff for over three years and have resulted in participants feeling less stressed and more energized throughout their day. Try out a local mediation, mindfulness or yoga class in our community to get the same benefits!

Staff Feature

Being musical is an important part of life for Mariah Morrison (Project Assistant, Clinical Research Services). Mariah sings with the Dulcisono Women’s Choir and also enjoys playing the violin.  “Music helps me clear my mind and helps to reduce any stress and anxiety.” One of her favourite activities is going to watch the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra perform at the Community Auditorium.


*All content from this article can be found in our Hospital’s 2019 Health and Wellness Calendar. To date, the Calendar has featured over 300 staff members from all areas and disciplines of the Hospital, capturing the many ways they choose to stay healthy.

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