Foundation a Perfect Fit for this Fundraising Aficionado

Published Monday, March 13, 2023

Foundation a Perfect Fit for this Fundraising Aficionado

By Kelly Arnold

It seems fitting to introduce you to the Health Sciences Foundation’s Anne Antenucci during the start of March, which is Women’s History Month and the month that celebrates International Women’s Day. As the Foundation’s Development Assistant, Anne is Staff Lead working with the Women In Action group.


Anne Antenucci, Development Assistant, Health Sciences Foundation

Women in Action was created in 2017 by a group of women donors to the Foundation who wanted to bring together like-minded people to do fun things together, network and raise money for the Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED). “Female leadership is important to me,” says Anne, “and everyone in this group has strong philanthropic and leadership qualities which are very inspiring.” 

Anne’s background is in broadcast journalism. Yes, she’s “that girl” from TV. She was a producer of the six o’clock TBT Newshour for Dougall Media. She later transitioned to promoting local TV, which then led to work in public relations.

She left Dougall Media to work in media relations for Magnus Theatre, then in Communications and Engagement for the local Salvation Army where she dabbled in fundraising and discovered she really enjoyed it. At this point, Anne knew where she wanted to enhance her skills as a fundraiser – the Health Sciences Foundation.

“When I was in journalism, the Foundation was in the news a lot. The new hospital was being built and all the fundraising and advocacy required for that project was impressive,” she says. “Then there was the Exceptional Cancer Care campaign, which exceeded its goal, followed by the Our Hearts at Home Campaign to bring Cardiovascular surgery to our Hospital.” All big, successful campaigns that, according to Anne, has earned the Foundation the nickname ‘The Machine’ in local fundraising circles.

She joined the Foundation in late 2021 surrounded by, she says, great fundraising mentors. “I work with talented people here, and I’m able to rely on their skills - be it working with, celebrating or engaging with donors - which makes my job way easier.”

Anne works one-on-one with donors, which is a part of her job she loves. “I really like talking to people, which goes back to my journalism background. I like to find out why they donate. The story behind it. I love hearing these stories and remembering them.”

Whether it’s because a donor experienced great care at the Hospital, or a family member received exceptional cancer treatment here or, based on an experience, a donor wants to make sure that people don’t need to travel away for health care services, everyone has a story says Anne.

“I find it really satisfying to help link up donors with a fund or project that speaks to them and makes them feel they’re really making a difference.”


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