Stay-Cation: Home is Where the Fun is

Published Monday, March 29, 2021

Stay-Cation: Home is Where the Fun is

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Are you looking for a something fun to do to fight the winter blues? Ross Vanderwey (Data Analyst, Northern Supply Chain) finds that staying inside with some hot chocolate, family (animals included!) and some board games seems to do the trick. Ross has been a fanatic about board games ever since he was a kid playing cribbage with his grandmother. Ross suggests you try out some of these great games this winter: Sushi Go, Root, Exit, Codenames, Fluxx, Betrayal at House on The Hill, Pandemic Legacy, and Villainous.

Stay-Cation: Home is Where the Fun is

By Samantha Morris, Prevention and Screening Clinical Services

These days, much of our time is spent enjoying the pleasures of our own home. Whether it involves sleeping, playing, working, creating or learning, for many, home is a place of comfort, love, and warmth. This is the time of year when many of us used to travel away from home to warmer destinations. Through travel, we would aim to swap the cold and snow for heat and sandy beaches. Now although the current pandemic, doesn’t allow for us to travel to sunny destinations, instead, plan the ultimate stay-cation this month with your family and friends.

A stay-cation is a great way to relax and have fun with your loved ones. Activities planned for a stay-cation can be educational, challenging, physically active, innovative, relaxing, and/or promote friendly competitions. The possibilities for a stay-cation are endless; all that is required is some planning and creativity. 

Need some help planning for your stay-cation? Try one of these fun ideas:

  1. Board Game Nights: Bring everyone together in your household with appetizers and board games for the night. Try both team and individual games and have a small wager, such as the loser has to wash the dishes. This will add some friendly competition to make your games more fun and challenging.

  2. Movie Marathons: Pick your favourite movies from a wide range of genres and have a movie marathon. Get cozy in your PJs and bring healthy snacks to get the full movie marathon experience.

  3. Spa Days: Nothing is more relaxing than a spa day! Grab some facemasks and mani-pedi supplies. Spoil yourself by making a hot cup of tea, listening to some relaxing music and putting some cucumber on your eyes to host the ultimate spa day.

  4. Pizza Night: Whether you have a stay-cation crew or are enjoying some time to yourself, a pizza night is always a good idea. Get your aprons and chef hats out. All you need is whole-wheat pizza dough and some of your favourite toppings.

  5. Indoor Camping Trip: If you want to really feel like you’re on vacation, try indoor camping. Pitch a tent inside your house, set up your sleeping bags, and pretend you’re out in the wilderness. Play campfire games such as broken telephone or tell ghost stories. You can even stream a virtual campfire to make it extra cozy.

  6. Host Themed Dinner Nights: Get creative! Pick a culture or cuisine and plan your themed appetizer, entrée and dessert. Assign a family member to be in charge of each course. Don’t be afraid to try something new, it might turn into one of your favourite new meals.

  7. Get Outside: Don’t stay cooped up in the house the whole time. Enjoy the fresh air and the extra hour of daylight we receive from our spring equinox. Try hiking in a new destination, working around your yard, or playing a game or sport at your local park.



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