Walking the Talk: Renal Biomed Technician Team Wins Hospital's Board of Directors Award

March 16, 2019


Mbukiso Ndlangamandla and Mike Smit

The Renal Biomed Technician Team, consisting of Mike Smit and Mbukiso Ndlangamandla, were the winners of this year’s Walk the Talk Board of Directors Award. Although they are a small group, they cover a large area and have a significant impact on patients’ experiences and outcomes.

"Patients First" truly describes the technicians in this department.

In this program, the technologists are responsible for a large fleet of life supporting dialysis machines and the water treatment systems for safe dialysis in health care facilities and in patients’ homes. Therefore, these people not only work within the four walls of the Hospital, but also throughout Northwestern Ontario. They often travel on an urgent basis to fix dialysis machines in a patient's home or one of our dialysis units at a regional hospital site.

They are also the calming voice on the end of the phone assisting a patient struggling with a technical issue on their machine. Recently, a technologist made a home visit to remove the machine of a patient who had passed away. When met by a grieving spouse, the Technologist took the time to listen to stories, and pay respect at a memorial set up in the home. That is an exceptional commitment to Patient and Family Centred Care.

Congratulations to the Renal Biomedical Engineering Technologist team.

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