Taco Time: Keeping Tummies Happy and Hearts at Home

By Heather Vita - March 27, 2019


Sharan Sohi, Owner, Taco Time (Arthur St. & Memorial Ave.), along with Taco Time team member Christel, and Arlene Thomson, Senior Director of Cardiovascular Program Development and Implementation, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, kicked off a fundraiser for the Northern Cardiac Fund with a $5,000 donation. Plus, from March 18-April 12, donate at Taco Time and they will match your donations, up to an additional $5,000!

Where’s the best place to be when you need to heal your heart? At home, of course. Surrounded by family and friends – it’s the place most people want to be if they need medical attention.

And now, with the ongoing development of a cardiac and vascular surgery program at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, the future looks very bright when it comes to healing our hearts at home.

Taco Time wanted to be sure they contributed to excellent cardiac care in our community, and so, from March 18 to April 12, they are encouraging you to make a donation to the Northern Cardiac Fund at either the Arthur St. or Memorial Ave. locations and they will match your donation (up to $5,000)! All donors will have the opportunity to place their name inside a heart and attach it to the wall inside Taco Time.

Taco Time has also generously kicked off this fundraiser with a $5,000 donation to the Northern Cardiac Fund! Funds raised will go directly to supporting cardiac care in Thunder Bay and ensure our team of healthcare professionals has the tools they need to save a person’s life.

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