Getting to Know Your Health Sciences Foundation Board of Directors: Katy Commisso

By Heather Vita - May 15, 2019


For Katy Commisso, a lawyer at Buset LLP, it’s important to be an advocate – both for her clients and for her community. That’s why she decided, in the Fall of 2018, to join the Board of Directors for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation.

“It was a natural extension for me when I decided to stay in Thunder Bay to practice law to also advocate for community causes like fundraising for our Health Sciences Centre. In addition to being something I value personally, I consider it part of my professional responsibility to give back to our community.”

She continued, “Having some interaction with the Hospital is something that touches most, if not all, people at some point in their lives. Personally, I've seen the work that the Hospital does and the amazing care they’ve provided to some of my family members in difficult times. Cancer, cardiovascular disease and mental health are some of the causes which have touched my life and have informed my decision to become more involved with the Foundation.”

Commisso is particularly motivated by the goal of bringing a full-service cardiovascular surgery program to Thunder Bay. She said, “There is such an overwhelming need for these services in our community to ensure that we're offering the best health care in Thunder Bay and that no patients are left behind as a result of not having necessary and life-saving services available.”

As a newcomer to the Board of Directors, Commisso has been impressed by her fellow Directors’ skill and commitment to the cause. She said, “As a new Board member, I very much look up to the other Board members on a professional level. They are individuals who are clearly dedicated to the cause which is evidenced by the impressive accomplishments of the Foundation to date. This goes for the staff as well who I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few months.”

She added, “I am lucky to have heard many personal stories from donors about how health care at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has touched their lives and how they’ve been motivated by give back to the Hospital because of those experiences.”

Concluded Commisso, “I am looking forward to continuing to meet donors and hear their stories as part of my time serving with the Health Sciences Foundation. I did not grow up in Thunder Bay, but I’ve chosen to make it my home because I appreciate all it has to offer. Ensuring that we have better health care for all our residents will continue to be a top priority for me. I’m happy I can use the skills I have, in conjunction with my fellow Directors, to contribute to a healthy future.”

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