CaRMS Match Day

Published Tuesday, May 24, 2022

CaRMS Match Day

CaRMS Match Day

By Marcello Bernardo

Photo: Dr. Allan Kirk (centre) is joined by fourth-year medical students at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre on CaRMS Match Day.

April 12th was Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) Match Day for our fourth-year medical students. Match Day is a defining moment in a medical student’s career. It is the day they learn which residency program they have matched with and where they will be spending the next several years training in their specialty.

To celebrate this day, a map of Canada has been posted in the Professional Staff and Learner Lounge at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for the students to pin their match location and specialty.

Please join us in thanking our graduating class of medical students for their contributions over this past year. If you are on site at the Hospital, you will recognize them by the red lanyards they wear. The Hospital’s Academics Department would like to acknowledge the resilience and perseverance of this class while studying, rounding, and providing patient care in the face of a global pandemic. The last day for these students at our Hospital was April 17th.


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