Wild for Wildlife - Tips from Hospital Health and Wellness Calendar

May 25, 2019
by Vanessa Masters, Prevention and Screening Services


No lions, or tigers…but bears! Oh my! One of the many benefits of living in Northwestern Ontario is the diverse wildlife that surrounds us. In fact, our Hospital’s property often provides a habitat for a variety of different animals.

Appreciate and protect our wildlife in Northwestern Ontario:

  1. Take all your trash away with you after camping. Attracting wild animals to camp sites isn’t good for anyone!

  2. Respect fishing limits! They exist to keep fish plentiful for years to come.

  3. Look from a safe distance. Stopping to observe wildlife is fine, but trying to interact with wild animals isn’t safe for you or the animal.

  4. Try to be more eco-friendly. Bring reusable grocery bags, travel mugs, and containers instead of single-use plastic. Help keep our environment clean.

  5. Don’t feed the wildlife! This can encourage boldness in animals potentially threatening their safety and yours.

  6. Be mindful of preventing invasive species. When moving from one outdoor area or waterbody to another, clean your boat, trailer, hiking boots, and bicycles.

  7. Practice good campfire safety. Never leave a fire unattended and always have water on hand. Forest fires can cause habitat loss.

  8. Hunt respectfully. Hunt only for food and respect limits and restrictions in place.

Did you know that Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has a 2.4km return trail called the Wildlife Habitat Trail? This area has been altered to create a new habitat for moose and offers plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities.

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