TBay: Stronger Together Tees Help ICU & COVID Ward

Published Tuesday, June 1, 2021

TBay: Stronger Together Tees Help ICU & COVID Ward

Sabrina Slade is a NOSM Orthopaedic Surgery Resident at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. She started her non-profit clothing line The Medicament Rx in her spare time, where Sabrina designs and sells shirts inspired by medicine.

Throughout May The Medicament Rx has been selling TBay: Stronger Together Tees and donating $10 from each shirt for equipment needs in the Hospital’s ICU & COVID ward.

“Seeing the response of our inter-professional healthcare team to the pandemic was really inspiring,” said Sabrina, “Everyone knew exactly what they had to do to take care of our community, and when we had the surge back in March we were ready. We went from the highest COVID rates per hundred thousand to one of the lowest.”

“The individuals involved in caring for our COVID patients are the most inspiring and selfless people I have met,” Sabrina continues, “They have sacrificed their time, energy, and in many cases personal aspects of their lives to take care of others. They have really gone above and beyond in their roles and do so with an air of compassion and empathy in their work.

“I was so inspired by all the hard work that I wanted to find a way to help give back to the areas caring directly for these patients,”

Sabrina grew up in Ottawa, moving to Thunder Bay to attend the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She says she’s since fallen in love with the North.

“Thunder Bay, thank you,” she adds, “When these shirts were created I did not expect the outpouring of support that was received. It reminds me every day just how amazing our community is.”

The TBay: Stronger Together tees feature the Sleeping Giant and Mount McKay, with the slogan ‘Stronger Together’ framed in a pair of lungs. The tees have been purchased by people from across the continent – from Newfoundland, Vancouver, and the Yukon, to as far away as California and Seattle.

“Even though we have been socially distant for the last year and a half, we are really stronger together.” says Sabrina.

Update: The sales have ended and Sabrina donated $2,037.11 to fund equipment in our local ICU and COVID units!!


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